Monday, October 24, 2016

you are a kid telling your parents about what you did in the lesson 2 battery science lab

Mom, dad I am now going to tell you what I did in class when we did the lesson 2 science lab. So first we got our googles on, I called them googles because someone changed the spelling on the box. After that, we got our copper strip, zinc strip, blot paper, rubber band, grain of wheat light bulb, and finally our COPPER SULPHATE SOLUTION DUN DUN DUN! It's really poisonous and deadly. Yeah, I have no idea why they would give something like that to 6th graders it might not be such  good idea but luckily we didn't get anyone hurt son that's a plus. Well back to what we did once we got our stuff, we put together our battery by rubberbanding our zinc strip, copper strip, and blot paper together, taped the light bulb to the ends of the metal strips, and put it into the solution. After a couple seconds, we took it out and set the battery thing n a paper towel and guess what! It lit up! But it was a sucky light bulb so it was really dim. But nonetheless! It still lit up! something in my life worked! HOORAY! And then we were forced to write down our "observations" and that was boring so I got a bit annoyed at Mr. Gonzáles because I hate writing but all in all, it was fun. Bye mom Bye dad I'm going to go watch youtube. See you later.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

How MSH has changed the surface of the earth 😊

Since 1980 Mt St Helens has changed the surface of the earth quite a bit. It has changed it in ways like creating more hills and killing trees in a pretty big radius in front of itself. it also killed a lot of flora and fauna and even poisoned an entire lake filling it with dead trees (that are fun to stand on) and a whole bunch of bacteria that if you have any form of wound and even if you don't can kill you. Luckily not too long ago it has become safe to get in but I don't recommend it because it's salt water and it takes a long time to get back to your car and that involves a lot of hiking so your legs will be chaffing a lot. Anyways when it erupted there was a lateral blast of smoke and ash and it shot up 15 miles in the air for nine hours and some of the smoke and ash even got up into the air streams and circled the earth 3 times. For everyone who was around when MSH erupted it was very scary they saw ash and smoke hurling at them at many Mph. And MSH's lava dome is rebuilding itself over time soon to become whole again! The reason that its rebuilding its self is because the lava is building up again making it bigger and bigger with time! And that is how MSH has changed the surface of the earth.😄

Monday, October 10, 2016



Dear Rainier, today I thought that I might tell you how it felt when i erupted. When I erupted it felt like I was in heaven. All of that pressure releasing and that lava! All of my lava dispersed and flowed
way away. I may have killed someone but I don't care. He could have evacuated but he wanted to stay inside his cabin. But enough about him! When I erupted there was so much smoke I'm suprised it didn't suffocate me! According to scientists some of the smoke flew around the earth! But one person took pictures of me! THE NERVE!!! I DON'T TAKE PICTURES OF HIM WHEN HE'S DOING HIS BUISNESS SO WHY SHOULD HE TAKE PICTURES OF ME!!! It was so embarassing. well I guess I've taken up enough of your time so I guess i must bid you ado BYE!!!
                                                                                                          Sincerely, MT ST HELENS