Thursday, February 16, 2017

Passion post

Im just doing this for class but one thing I really like has to be anime. No I'm not a weaboo that would (no offence weebs) be terrible. Just because you like anime does not mean you are automatically a weeb ok? I don't get to watch a while lot of different amines cuz I don't know if im allowed to watch most mainstream amines but here's a list of some I have watched:
One piece
Assasination classroom
Trinity blood
The tower of druaga
Fairy tale
Fullmetal alchemist
A little of your lie in april
I've READ a few of death note
but really I haven't read or seen much else
Now I love all of the ones I just listed because they are amazing and i highly recommend them but if you don't like cussing or blood don't watch one piece ok

This is a little note to Mr g: don't say this is an inapropriate post for school it's not like I actually swore or anything ok?

Thursday, February 2, 2017

A song about the relationship between weight and mas

Wheight and mass weight and mass 
these are two things we learned from the past! When you have more mass you have more weight because gravity is pulling on you more than something with less mass. If you have more gravity pulling pulling pulling on you, you weigh a lot more! Hello! Hello there! will you stay a while? Oh you've no more time? Then good bye. Goooood byyyyeeee. GOOD BYE!

You can sing this to whatever tune/tunes you like and if you don't want to sing you can just read it you boring person๐Ÿ˜‘