Thursday, March 9, 2017

Hello my name is dinana and this is my "world blogging challenge" introduction post😒.
So I am a 6th grader in chimacum middle school and I just turned 11 and in 7th grade math and i love to draw anime (because I can't draw anything else no matter how hard i try) and watch youtube and watch anime in my room without opening the door to the point of sometimes being able to see my own breath (i need to start opening my door) and otherwise i am a lazy person with  no life


  1. G'day Dinana,
    Interested in anime? You might want to visit some of the student blogs from Thailand. Many of the students there are also into anime. They use the weebly platform for their blogs.

  2. You like to watch Youtube videos, what Youtube videos do you watch?

    1. I know i'm late responding to you (sorry about that) but I usually watch markiplier, jacksepticeye, and crankgameplays. I also watch animation/drawing youtubers such as jaiden animations, that odd ones out, hannah hoffman, and echo gillette. i am subscribed to quite a ton of other youtubers but it would take to long to say but those are the peaople i usually watch thanks for asking! (again sorry i'm responding so late)